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Flamingos at Las Salinas
Flamingos at Las Salinas

Becoming a member

You do not need to own property to become a member; you just need to have an interest in Calpe. Once you are a member, you will be able to call on the help of committee members with the problems that we all experience in our lives out here.

We conduct the business of the association in English, but we have members of many nationalities—and we will welcome you whatever your nationality.

What sort of organisation would I be joining?

AFPO has been active in Calpe since 1987. It is a legal, fully registered body, protected by Spanish and European law. You can read more about us on our ‘AFPO and You’ page.


AFPO holds three general meetings every year, in order to allow its members to decide the agenda which is to be pursued by the committee. These meetings also allow members to call attention, in public, to matters of concern to them—often with Calpe town councillors in attendance.


Your subscription will be €15 a year.

AFPO was conceived as an organisation which families could join as a family. So couples may join for the same subscription as an indidual.

How to join

You can join at an AFPO public meeting. Or via our post box, or our bank. All the details can be found on our ‘How to Pay’ page.

How to renew

If you are already a member, and need to renew your subscription, check all the ways you can pay.