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AFPO and you

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Our Calpe

All this is yours

  • Specialists in many fields, who are available to resolve your difficulties.
  • Experienced mediators in local disputes.
  • Help with many of the frustrating problems that a lack of knowledge of the Spanish language can bring.
  • Regular public meetings for members, at which you can find answers to your questions, and air your views.
  • Support at Calpe’s ayuntamiento (town hall). We also represent your views to local politicians. (See below.)

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Keeping you informed

Meetings keep you informed and up-to-date.

AFPO also provides you with all the Calpe facts you need to have at your fingertips, here on this Web site.

Plus up-to-the-minute local news.

What is more, as a member you are able to access the unique daily posts in the members-only’ areas of this Web site—and add your own contributions, if you wish.


AFPO provides interpreters at the health centre to assist you with the medical staff.

» Could you become an interpreter yourself?

Meetings with the ayuntamiento and others

Regular meetings are held with representatives of the ayuntamiento (town hall) and with politicians of all parties, in order to make public the views of our members.

We also maintain a liaison with other groups whose aims include the well-being of Calpe residents.

Your Committee, 2023-24

Carole Saunders
Carole Ainley
Malcolm Saunders
Jane Godfrey
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Noel Jackson
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Keith Wildman


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