Calpe Notices: from the AFPO President


26th May 2022

AFPO held the Association's annual general meeting on Thursday, the 26th of May, in the Diamante Beach hotel, at 10:00 AM for 10:30.

How to get confirmation of your Covid-19 vaccination(s)

April 2021 (updated November 2021)

Step by step:

  1. For the usual Spanish form, click or tap on this URL:
    For the international "passport" click or tap on this URL:
  2. A form will come up, in Spanish. (If you need to, get your browser to translate it into English.)
  3. Enter your SIP number, your date of birth, and the date your SIP card was issued (month and year, to be found on the card under Emissió.) Then type in the CAPTCHA code.
  4. When you click on the submit button, the form will come back with the last 3 numbers of a mobile phone. If this matches your phone, click to confirm it, and you will get an instant text message with a code to copy into the updated form.
  5. When you now click on the submit button, a printable page will appear, with all the details of your vaccination(s).

New measures coming into force on Monday, the 12th of April

10th April 2021

The majority of measures will continue, with the following changes:

From the 12th to the 25th of April.

Lobby to negotiate equal visa rights for UK citizens with property in EU area

24th March 2021

We all have family and friends that have a second home within the European Union. At the moment, as you no doubt already know, British Citizens who do not have permanent residence in the respective european country where they have their second home, can no longer stay there for more than 90 days in any 180.

A petition has been started to try and change this. Europen citizens are allowed at the moment to stay in Great Britain a total of 180 days. It would obviously help boost the economy of Spain, if these second home owners could stay longer here, in their second homes.

Below is a link to the petition.

I am also in contact with our representative in the Spanish Central Government, César Sanchez, investigating what would be necessary to allow British Citizens, with second homes here to have the same rights as the Norwegians, Swedish and Swiss, whose countries are also not part of the Shengen agreement.

Please be so kind as to pass the petition on to your family, friends and association members.

Information about Vaccination in our Province

13th March 2021

Message from Dénia Hospital

(Right-click to view image—at full size—in new tab)

Guide for British citizens here before 2021

3rd March 2021

If you are a British National and were living in Spain before 1st January 2021, you may like to download a complete summary of what you need to know.

You may have already received this information from the British Embassy. I think we are aware of the majority of the information that has been sent. But there is always someone somewhere who needs help. Please let your friends know.

The Embassy will send you a hard copy if you wish.

New COVID-19 measures from the 1st of March

26th February 2021

To be in force for 14 days.

Your telephone number is needed for a vaccination

26th February 2021

You cannot be given an appointment for a Covid-19 vaccination unless the local Health Service have your current telephone number.

If in doubt, visit

Renewing your Padrón

7th February 2021

If you are a resident in Spain you should renew your Padrón (Municipal Register) every five years. The Padrón Office of the Calpe Town Hall will send you a letter reminding you to do so.

Due to the restrictions caused by the Pandemic, it is essential that you make an appointment before going to the Town Hall.

You will be attended to by personnel in the OAC (Office for Attention to Citizens). The office is on the ground floor of the Town Hall. You can make an appointment through the Municipal website, or by calling any of the following phone numbers:
687 648 761
687 648 757
687 648 752

The OAC office is very very busy at the moment. If you have been unable to make an appointment through the website, I advise you to try calling the numbers after lunchtime.

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