AFPO Interpreters Service

The service at the Centro de Salud in Calpe has been operating since April 2006.

It has proved to be very successful for all concerned, the patients, doctors, nurses and all the staff at the Centre. The service operates between 9.00 AM and 12.00 noon Monday to Friday except Fiesta days.

This assistance and help, in interpreting the Spanish language at a time when under great stress, has eased the difficulties normally experienced by people.

The service has improved communication with the Health Centre Staff, as they see it as a positive contribution to ensuring that information is accurate and relevant.

It has been the interpreters themselves, by the manner in which they have carried out the task that has ensured such a good quality service. There is no charge for anyone using the service, and it is open to all users of the Centro de Salud. Obviously people experiencing the positive work undertaken by AFPO may consider joining, but there is no pressure to do so.

During the period the population of Calpe has grown and also the provision of more doctors and nurses. This, as you can appreciate, is putting extra pressure on an already busy group of volunteers.

Can you help?

We need more volunteer interpreters. If you feel you can help, the only requirement is that you can speak and understand English and Spanish. You will initially work alongside more experienced interpreters until you feel confident to work alone.

Contact details:

Noel Jackson 96 583 4448 Coordinator
  or 620 687 633  
Keith Wildman 634 394 664 President AFPO

Please do not contact the interpreters during service hours. (See above.)

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